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6 Reasons to have a property manager...

You may have just bought your dream home in the sun, it may be the biggest investment or second biggest investment of your life..... If it is a Holiday Home it could be well worth having a property manager...

Reason one: the rain in Spain

Excess water might not seem to be an issue for most of the year in Spain but, when it rains it does so with a vengeance. We’ve all walked past properties to see their underbuild swimming in water and wondered if the owners are around.

Then there is the issue of water leaks. Earth movements and pipes that have perhaps seen their better years, can lead to leaks occurring. They won’t necessarily wait until you’re around to deal with them.

In both of these cases you might very much appreciate someone having a key to let themselves in and deal with a little of the damage before you come out for your holiday.

Reason two: home improvements

Whether you have just bought your property or you are a few years down the line, you may want to make some changes to it. It might be that it needs painting or you have a little rising damp. You might also want to take a long, hard look at the recommendations on The Energy Efficiency Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Engergética).

Whatever the reason, it is unlikely that you will want refurbishment to be completed whilst you are out for your holidays. If you don’t have a keyholder, for example, will you be willing to entrust it to your local builder?

Reason three: visitors to stay

Most people at some time welcome friends and relatives into their property in Spain. Chances are they live close enough in their home country to enable a quick exchange of keys. However, it’s not always the case. Having someone in Spain who has the keys handy can mean that there’s no need for complicated arrangements and you are sure that you keep your set for when you need them. We can arrange a meet and greet service and even sort out the clean of the villa and launder of the bedding and towels.

Reason four: unwanted intruder

We don’t want to scare you and burglaries are neither more nor less common in Spain than they are in many other parts of the world. However, it is a fact that if a property remains empty for a while then it can be vulnerable to intruders.

If it is suspected that there might have been a break in you can ask your keyholder to check it out before jumping too quickly to conclusions or booking your flight over. In some cases it might not even be necessary to travel here at all. A fact that will save you several times over the amount that a keyholding service costs for a year. We can liaise with a local locksmith to ensure the property is secured.

Reason five: Oh! I can’t find my keys!

We might think we are model examples of organised people who never lose important items like keys or passports or driving licences. Perhaps you don’t, but then it might not be you who is the cause. Handbags do get snatched, keys do fall out of pockets and occasionally doors shut and lock automatically with the keys on the wrong side of the door to you. 

Reason Six:-  Utilities

We have had clients who through no fault of their own had their water supply cut off with no prior knowledge. Also the electrics can trip due to condensation or water in electrics or a faulty appliance.  If this happens whilst you are away it could have an impact on your pool or Fridge Freezer or you could turn up at your Holiday Home with no running water...

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