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Villa Care

Premium Villa Care

Visit four times per month, checking property is secure and no issues.  Run water, showers, toilet etc. A monthly report will be sent via email or if preferred an update each week with a photo via whatsapp and immediate contact if any issues either way. Keyholding for any work undertaken on property whilst you are away.

Switch on boiler, fridge etc prior to arrival and check on departure, remove perishable items from fridge and ensure property secure.

In the event of any bad weather additional checks are made to ensure property is okay.

€380 per year

€200 for six months

€110 per quarter

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We are also a Spanish registered insurance agent dealing exclusively with Caser Seguros.  We can insure your Home and Spanish registered Car.  We can ensure you have the right type of Insurance including a second home used as a holiday home and also Villas which are rented out to third parties.

You can either contact us for a quotation or check out our insurance page.

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